The supplementS absorption problem

Oils and water don’t mix

Bioavailability is the rate at which a substance is absorbed into the bloodstream and can be utilized by the body. Our bodies are made of 60% water, oil-based supplements resists absorption into the bloodstream. Botanical and herbal extracts particularly struggle.

Bioavailability, absorption and supplements efficiency.

Lack of efficacy  is the main reason why consumers stop taking supplements.

We take vitamins and supplements to support our overall health or compensate the lack of certain nutrients in our diet.
The absorption rate of some of these supplements like Curcumin, CoQ10, CBD and even some forms of Omega-3's, is erratic due to poor solubility in gastro-intestinal tract. Therefore, many of these supplements end up being flushed out of the body without delivering their health benefits.
For better bioavailability, these supplements must have a good balance between hydrophilicity to help in dissolution in gastro-intestinal fluids and hydrophobicity to help cross the lipid rich cell membranes.

PL+ is different because of marine phospholipids.

Phospholipids have excellent biocompatibility and are both water and fat soluble. Multiple publications have demonstrated the benefits of using phospholipids as a self-emulsifying delivery platform for supplements with low bioavailability and membrane penetration.

Introducing PL+ technology from Aker BioMarine. A new self emulsifying delivery platform for lipid based and lipid soluble supplements using sustainably sourced marine phospholipids.
PL+ enables dual solubility in water and in fats and acts as an emulsifier and a booster of absorption to enhance uptake of supplements up to 25 times.

From phospholipid to micelle.

PL+ phospholipids act like a bridge between oily substances and water by forming emulsions and micelles around the nutrients.
Because phospholipids are the building blocks of our cells and critical components of cell membranes they can be easily recognized and absorbed by the body.
In this way PL+ technology can deliver nutrients with higher velocity and higher absorption rates at lower doses and cost of formulation.


PL+ is a new technology platform developed by Aker Biomarine to produce highly bioavailable supplements to support innovations in nutraceuticals.
PL+ product development starts with sourcing the purest and the most sustainable ingredient namely marine phospholipids straight from Antarctica using our Eco-Harvesting technology onboard our vessels. Phospholipids are then extracted and concentrated in our Houston facility in Texas using our patented Flexitech technology. Once the phospholipids are extracted and concentrated, the last stage of PL+ technology consist of removing non-polar lipids and adding the supplements.