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PL+ for a more bioavailable CBD.

A unique self-emulsifying delivery system for faster and enhanced absorption of CBD.

Improving bioavailability of CBD 6X.

PL+ CBD is a unique phospholipid delivery system to boost the bioavailability of CBD. Phospholipids have the characteristics of excellent biocompatibility and being both water and fat soluble. These unique properties make them an optimal delivery platform for CBD supplements with low bioavailability and membrane penetration.

When added to CBD, PL+technology forms phospholipid micelles to help solubilize CBD molecules and enable them to penetrate the cell membranes. As such PL+ phospholipids can increase CBD bioavailability and absorption in our cells up to 6 times better than MCT, or Flaxseed oils reducing the cost of formulation (inclusion rate of CBD) and increasing health benefits for consumers.

PL+ complex with 25mg of CBD.

PL+CBD is an ideal formulation combining the benefits of CBD and phospholipid bound Omega-3 to support sleep, anxiety, stress and pain management.

A self-emulsifying, marine phospholipid-based delivery system for CBD supplements.
Up to 6X higher absorption than CBD formulations with MCT or Flaxseed oil.
PL+ technology enables a faster delivery of CBD in bloodstream.
A multi-nutrient combining CBD and phospholipid bound 0mega-3 health benefits.
Improved user experience Vs. other emulsifiers and oils.
Improved cost of formulation.
Pl+ CBD packaging

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