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PL+ for enhanced absorption of EPA-DHA.

A unique self-emulsifying delivery system for faster and enhanced absorption of EPA-DHA and superior user experience.

PL+ complex delivering 250mg EPA-DHA.

Ethyl Esters and Triglycerides fats from fish oil are not water soluble and don’t mix well with stomach content creating fishy burps and re-flux.

PL+ Phospholipids have the characteristics of excellent biocompatibility and being both water and fat soluble. These unique amphiphilic properties make them an optimal delivery platform for concentrated EPA-DHA supplements  to help their dissolution in gastro-intestinal fluids and their transport across the lipid rich cell membranes.

Superior transport and delivery of EPA-DHA.

When added to concentrated EPA-DHA from fish oil, PL+ technology forms phospholipid micelles to help solubilize Ethyl Esters and Triglycerides molecules without the need of bile, facilitating digestion, reducing fishy burps and improving user experience.

PL+ EPA-DHA are more efficiently absorbed by the cell membranes as they have the same structure as these phospholipid rich membranes.

A unique phospholipid-delivery system for faster and enhanced absorption of EPA-DHA and improved user experience.
Better absorption than benchmark fish oil.
A multi-nutrient combining highly potent EPA-DHA Omega-3’s and phospholipids.
Rich in phospholipids for faster transport and delivery of EPA-DHA to cell membranes.
Increases omega-3 Index
Pl+ EPA packaging

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